Allison Fletcher

Diploma in Architectural Technologies & Building Sciences
Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, Allison made her way CPA when she moved to the west coast early this year. After spending 2018 backpacking through Central America, BC, the Yukon, Asia, and New Zealand, she’s returned to British Columbia, the place she’s always thought of as home. She studied Architectural Technologies & Building Sciences in college and now lends her keen eye for detail and aptitude for precise drawing to CPA on a vast range of projects.

Allison’s passion for creative composition pre-dates her professional days: she once constructed a life-sized tiger skeleton from miscellaneous garbage she found for a university sculpture class. She enjoys re-designing existing spaces to suit new and modern needs, and her practical ideas have paved the way for efficient and pragmatic architectural production.

In her spare time Allison loves to camp, fish, hike, and just generally spend time outdoors; she cares deeply about the environment and that care constantly spills into her work and the way she lives her life.