Lindsay Watson

Communication Design Essentials
BCIT & Emily Carr University

Lindsay is a communication designer whose passion for design started at a very young age, she finds inspiration in her hometown of Vancouver and the people she meets in her travels. Always drawing, painting, and creating, going to school for graphic design was a natural next step for her. She came to CPA in 2018 after graduating with distinction from BCIT & Emily Carr and brings an unusual combination of experience to the firm having formerly worked as an LAA/Paralegal.

Lindsay’s work encompasses a broad range of skills including graphic design, web design, social media management, copy writing, and office management. She enjoys the discovery and constant flow of ideas that have become a daily part of her job and which also encourage growth. Her approach to design is calculated, well thought out, and mathematical which complements her need to “colour outside the lines.” She believes all forms and mediums of design can be extremely effective as communication tools when done right.

When she’s not working and designing she’s at the beach, playing volleyball, at the beach playing volleyball, reading, or eating her way through the city.