Kelsey Parker

Master of Architecture Student
University of Calgary
Bachelor of Interior Design
Vancouver Island University

An Island girl at heart, Kelsey Parker was born and raised in Nanaimo, BC. When she was about five she told her parents she was going to design buildings when she grew up; twenty years later she’s about to complete her Master of Architecture.

Kelsey began her journey to architecture at Vancouver Island University where she received her Bachelor of Interior Design in 2017. Her interest in construction and woodworking further amplifies her ability to understand how things are built allowing her to create highly durable, functional designs that leave a lasting impression on the people who interact with her work. She knows that even those minute details can impact and change people’s lives in a small or large way.

Kelsey is very excited about the potential of wood within the industry and is inspired by architects who push the limits of what’s possible using it within their designs. She’s a very passionate woodworker herself and spends a lot of her time building small furniture projects such as coffee tables, dining sets, and cutting boards; recently she even converted a hockey net into a chair!